UX & User Behavior

A thoughtful user experience (UX) influenced by a thorough understanding of user behavior helps increase conversions.

Enhance UX with a deeper understanding of user behavior.

You want users to convert on your site. That is, perform whatever action you desire of them — whether that’s filling out a form, adding an item to a shopping cart, or completing a transaction. And one of the best ways to help users along the path to conversion is to provide them with a seamless and intuitive user experience. At Spinutech, we take a collaborative approach to our UX design, working amongst designers and digital strategists to collect your input, conduct design research to understand user behavior, and analyze data to create a site that achieves your goals while meeting the needs of your users.

User behavior refers to the psychology of how and why website visitors engage with your site. When it comes to understanding user behavior and how it can better inform UX, we consider three factors during the research process: motivation, obstacles, and triggers.

User Motivation

A user needs to be motivated to convert. Perhaps that’s through placing important information in a different location on an ad or your website or offering a discount code or a reward post-conversion to engage again. We use journey mapping and user personas to help inform our strategic recommendations to you. Then, through rounds of A/B testing, our team tests, analyzes, and refines the strategy to find the sweet spot that motivates your target audience.

User Obstacles

An effective website, social post, or ad is clear, actionable, and easy to understand. Our team takes the time to step into the user’s shoes and consider where they run into pain points or obstacles on the path to conversion. Is the information helpful? Is the story compelling enough? Are there too many distractions standing in the way of conversion? Usability studies are an excellent method of obtaining this information.

User Triggers

With obstacles out of the way and a motivated user in place, the last piece of the puzzle is an effective conversion trigger. A trigger is a nudge to engage in the desired behavior. The triggers that work for a certain product and a certain audience are different for every brand. An email, effective calls to action, or strategically timed notifications are all examples of different triggers. Our team will work with you to determine your goals and conduct A/B tests to determine the efficacy of different triggers. Ultimately, it’s about giving the user a reminder at the right place and the right time.