Custom Reporting & Dashboard

Get a read on website and campaign performance with a custom dashboard. Access real-time and historical information on your specific goals and KPIs.

Keep tabs on your marketing and website metrics in real time.

What if you could access all the critical information about your digital marketing efforts whenever you needed to? Through easy-to-understand data visualization, our custom reports and dashboards provide real-time updates on your website analytics and KPIs. Bringing in multiple data points via API, our dashboards let you see how your digital marketing strategies are performing, so you get your most critical data at the moment you need it instead of waiting until the beginning of the next month or quarter.

Goal-Oriented Design

What’s important for another business is not necessarily what’s important for yours. We create unique dashboards tailored specifically to your business goals. Want to know how much traffic you’re getting from a paid ad or what channel is driving the most conversions? We build your dashboard around the reports that matter most to you and your bottom line.

Digestible Information

Between your website, paid media tactics, and other digital marketing campaigns, you have access to a large amount of data. The insights contained in your data is extremely useful, but at face value can be difficult to comprehend. Our custom reports and dashboards put that information into a digestible format so you can better understand site and campaign performance.

Dynamic Format

Our dashboards are dynamic. That means you have the ability to see current and historical performance directly within the dashboard. Want to see how performance looks today compared to last month, or even last year? No problem. Interactive charts, graphs, heat maps, and scorecards illustrate large amounts of data in a digestible way, so you can see your KPIs and other valuable data points at a glance.