Core Mission & Values

Since our founding, we've been driven as much by helping our clients succeed as by helping each team member achieve personal and professional success.

We’re driven to do what’s best for our clients — and each other.

The people at Spinutech are the reason for our success and the success of every one of our clients. Our team members live our mission, display our values, shape our culture, and impact our communities. With their collective smarts, skills, and spirit, anything is possible. As a team, we work to get better every day to create a positive environment that leads to positive results.

Our Mission

Get better every day. We do it for ourselves, our teammates, and our clients. We continually build our collective digital expertise and create a collaborative environment to deliver innovative, growth-oriented solutions and best-in-class service that exceeds expectations.

Our Values

Our values are a reflection of the people who work here, striving to get better every day and deliver the best for our clients. Each team member lives these core values, which serve as a guiding light for how we treat each other and every single client we work with.

1. Integrity
Relationships are built on trust. We do the right thing, even when it isn't easy. Honesty and transparency foster open, respectful exchanges with each other and with our clients.

2. Learning and Growth
A team is a sum of its parts. We strive to improve our knowledge and enhance our skills. Personal growth lifts up our team, our company as a whole, and the clients we serve.

3. Teamwork
A good player brings out the best in their teammates. We're committed to helping each other succeed and ensuring everyone feels valuable. A supportive, collaborative environment within our company and with our clients leads to big wins.

4. Entrepreneurial Spirit
Our company was founded on this. We empower our team members to innovate and contribute bold ideas. Everyone has a say in the future of our company and the growth of our clients.

5. Humility
Every task matters, no matter how small. We all make valuable contributions in different ways to support the team. Each day is an opportunity to lead and make a difference for our clients.

6. Balance
Work is not the most important thing. We are empathetic and supportive of our team's lives outside the office. A balanced life and mind help everyone be at their best each day.

7. Fun
Having fun is a part of our DNA. We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. Workplace fun deepens relationships and creates positive attitudes.

Our Culture

You can’t fake culture. It’s lived and shaped by every team member, from the summer intern to the president. Our culture is one of collaboration and caring, where your work family feels like an extension of your real family.

Community Involvement

Our work on the web makes an impact every day for our clients. We strive to make a difference in our real-world communities too. As a company, we get involved by supporting local causes like The Salvation Army and the Ed Thomas Family Foundation. We also empower our team members to give back to the causes close to their hearts through annual volunteer time off.