It's Official: We're a Google Premier Partner!

It's Official: We're a Google Premier Partner!

Published by Spinutech on March 15, 2017

Do you remember a few years ago when we were absolutely hyped about a new Google badge we earned? Yeah, well wait until you hear what we just earned this year. It’s pretty much gold in our eyes. We are an official Google Premier Partner. EPIC RIGHT?

Unless you’re total web geeks like us, you might not know what that title means–and that’s ok, because we love explaining how cool it is.

Over the past year, Google has expanded its Partner Program to include several tiered levels. And guess which one is the highest level an agency can earn? That’s right, Premier partner. (Mom and Dad, we’ve made it!) This achievement is only earned by a small fraction of top digital marketing companies. An agency must continuously meet these three areas of requirements: Google certification, ad spend, and overall performance. Basically, to be a Google Premier Partner you have to be not only experienced and knowledgeable, but you have to know how to run a campaign that makes money. We’ll break it down a little more.

Google Certifications

The team has to know all things Adwords. To become Google certified, team members must pass several Google tests in the areas of specialization. This can include display, search, shopping, mobile and video. Each exam consists of roughly 70-100 real-life questions, and must be passed with at least an 80% score.

Ad Spend

All Premier Partners need to continuously meet Google's minimum ad spend. The minimum Adwords budget varies depending on the location and market. Unfortunately, Google does not list an exact number. However, in order to even enter the first level of the partner program you must manage at least $10,000 over a 90 day period. The highest level, Premier, needs a much larger quarterly ad spend and has to be directly reviewed and approved by Google. This requirement shows that digital advertising agencies that meet the Premier level are not only certified, but also know how to successfully manage hefty ad campaigns.

Conversion Performance

Premier Partners have experience building Adwords campaigns that convert at a high rate, which means their campaigns make more money for your business. Along with that high conversion rate, we had to prove that the quality of our campaigns remained at a very high level and that our clientele is constantly growing.

So, besides the super sweet badge, why is this title so beneficial for our clients?

Why choose to work with a Premier Google Partner?

Better Access

Premier Partners often learn about beta programs or updates before other AdWords users. Google gives its Partners access to newly-developed features or applications and often invites partners to test new Google Adwords services for up to a year before going public. Spinutech will now have unique access to tools that your competitors don’t even know about.

Super Fast Support

In addition, with our new Premier status we are able to get in touch with our own Google rep instantly. We have our very own Google Agency Team that we can contact to solve any issue without having to wait on the public support hotline. This means campaign or site issues can be resolved quickly without losing money on deactivated campaigns.

Continued Education

In order to keep our Premier status we need to renew our certifications through yearly exams. These exams foster a constant learning of best practices to be ultimate Google Adwords experts. We need to stay in-the-know with all of Google’s features and industry findings. As a Partner, we have access to free training sessions that teach us the latest and evolving PPC, Display, Video, Mobile and Shopping strategies.

Below is an illustration of our complete Premier Partner benefits.


Image by Google

Though we are very proud of this new title, we know that we absolutely could not have achieved this without our clients. Your continued faith in our skills has allowed us to grow our Adwords campaigns to stretch across the nation. And let’s not forget about our team members, the tech ninjas behind the screen. Their talents in digital marketing have made it possible to push ourselves to the next level and become total BFF’s with Google.