Social Media Marketing

Social media gives your brand a chance to join the conversation and an opportunity to drive conversions. So you can turn casual fans and complete strangers into paying customers and brand advocates.

Tailored to Your Brand

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We base our social campaigns on your specific objectives, audience, and KPIs, then measure user actions to provide insight for future campaigns.

Specific to Each Platform

We create a unique strategy for each platform to make sure every channel serves a specific purpose, engages your audience, and follows best practices.

Built for a Sustained Social Presence

Whether it’s to position your brand as an industry leader or develop a community of followers, our social media experts work to help drive your social media presence — and your business — forward.

We fill the funnel. And empty it, too.

Informed by your business goals and paired with an understanding of search engine algorithms, our SEO experts make data-backed recommendations to improve your site’s search ranking.

Influencer Marketing

These days, people trust testimonials, reviews, and the people they follow on social media. By partnering with industry-specific thought leaders or influencers, you can encourage consumers to engage with your brand. We research your industry to select influencers and serve as a bridge between you and your new brand advocate.

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Paid Social Media

The free ride is over. Social media is now a pay-to-play environment. And when it comes to paid social, it’s important to have set goals in mind. We take your goals and turn them into campaigns using the most effective objective, the appropriate advertising feature, and the best creative. Then we target the right audience to sell your services, promote your product, or share your content.

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Organic Social Media

More than two-thirds of adults in the U.S. are on social media. By creating engaging, relevant social content, you can reach existing and prospective consumers right where they are. Whether that’s Facebook or Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn, our social media strategists develop unique organic content across all social media platforms.

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Social Media Listening & Moderation

Let’s be honest, social media has become a place for people to share their opinions (Looking at you, Uncle Jim!). And that consumer feedback can either increase brand authority and trust or break it. After all, people trust real people — not businesses. We moderate your social channels, listen to the discussion, and ensure your brand has a sterling reputation.

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Social Media Platforms

With more than 3 billion users of social media worldwide, social platforms provide a huge opportunity for brands to engage with existing users and connect with new ones right where they are. From LinkedIn to Snapchat, our social media strategists create content that resonates with your audience on their preferred platform.

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Increased Social Media Engagement Year-Over-Year

University of Northern Iowa College of Business, Cedar Falls, Iowa

As a distinct college within a larger university, it was important that UNIbusiness’s social media channels stand out as a way to reach current and potential business students as well as alumni. Spinutech created and scheduled content for UNIbusiness's social media platforms using a strategic approach to reach and engage their target audience. In one year, Spinutech was able to increase UNIbusiness's Facebook reach by 9.2 percent and engagement rate by 25 percent.

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