Social Listening & Moderation

Keep tabs on your social media presence to ensure your brand maintains its sterling reputation.

Engage with consumers to establish brand authority.

Customer feedback on your social media channels can help increase your brand authority and build trust, or it can be a total nightmare. Avoid the latter with social media listening and moderation. We monitor your pages, respond to comments, and tap into what users are saying so you can maintain your reputation as a trusted source.

Social Listening

Social listening involves monitoring conversations about your brand on social platforms that happen outside of your brand’s channels. Social listening provides insight into what fans are saying about you and your industry online. It helps strengthen existing relationships and foster new ones. We listen to the social chatter to identify customer pain points and opportunities for your brand to join in the conversation and share your expertise.

Social Media Moderation

While social listening happens outside of your brand channels, social media moderation, or community management, happens directly on your brand pages. Part customer service, part community engagement, social media moderation involves listening, escalating, and responding to people on your channels. This includes responding to both positive and negative comments, answering questions in a timely manner, sharing relevant content, and removing harmful or abusive content or comments.

Crisis Management

When it comes to moderating your social media, we adhere to a detailed strategy. That strategy includes responding to comments both positive and negative as well as a detailed social media crisis management plan for elevating and handling more serious issues when your brand is facing a backlash. Whether it’s a few angry customers or your brand is in some serious hot water, we work with you to lay out who should respond, and how, so in the event of a PR crisis, we can respond quickly and appropriately.

Social Listening Allows DSM to Identify Agricultural Conversations

DSM North America

DSM uses social listening to track online mentions on non-brand channels through keywords and search queries. Through social listening tools, Spinutech provides DSM with a deeper understanding of their online presence and helps identify the general conversation happening around them, their competitors, and the industry.