Personas & Audience Segments

Delivering the right messaging means understanding your audience and their needs. Personas and audience segments serve as constant reminders of who you're trying to reach.

Listen and learn. Then make your marketing fit their needs.

Businesses spend a lot of time talking at customers — serving up ads, sending emails, creating content. Once in a while, you need to take a step back to listen to them and learn what makes them tick. By combining your existing customer data and purchase behaviors, analytics insights, and customer feedback with industry research and interviews, you can better define your audience. When you know exactly who you’re talking to, it leads to better messaging that attracts higher quality leads and more targeted content delivered at the right times.


Whether you’re speaking strictly to buyers, all users, or a wider audience, personas help you better target your marketing to their needs. Our strategists dig deeper than the data to answer the “why” behind your audience’s behaviors. We develop personas based on your data and unique insights, industry research, and surveys and interviews with actual customers. With a representation of your key targets, you can refine all your marketing efforts, both digital and traditional.

Customer & Stakeholder Interviews

There’s a lot of insight within your walls. And even more in your customer base. We start the persona development process by talking with your key stakeholders and customer-facing employees. The knowledge and experience of your team helps guide us toward the needs of your customers. Our strategists then reach out to a select group of your target audience to further explore their challenges, interests, habits, and decision-making behaviors.

Customer Surveys

Adding quantitative data to qualitative insights provides a more well-rounded representation of your target audience. We survey your current customers with specific questions that get to the heart of their core challenges and preferences. Surveying a wide base of customers provides more significance, so our team can base your personas on valuable insights instead of assumptions.

Persona Development

Personas require a lot of research, resulting in a wealth of information. Our strategists analyze the data, review the interview insights, and compile it all into a simple, digestible format that your whole company can follow for a better understanding of your customers. Your final personas are fictional representations of your target audiences with key details about their behaviors, values, pain points, demographics, and communication preferences.

Audience Segments

Sometimes a simple segmentation analysis is better suited to your business goals. Grouping customers by geographic, demographic, psychographic, decision-making, and behavioral factors creates clear differentiation for focused messaging. We analyze your current customer data and collect new data to develop target audience segments and craft a plan to reach the segments most valuable to your business.

Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey is more complex than a simple funnel or cycle. Information gathered in the development of personas and audience segments provides valuable insight into how your customers make a purchase and interact with your brand. Our team takes the learnings from collected data and delves deeper into your web analytics to develop a customer journey map. With a clear picture of the path your customers take to purchase, we develop a strategy that uses the right tactic and the right messaging to reach your customers at critical points in their journey.

Meeting the Needs of the Customer Beyond Nutrition

Mom's Meals NourishCare, Ankeny, IA

As a national leader in home meal delivery for seniors and people recently discharged from the hospital, Mom’s Meals already had a foothold in the healthcare industry. But they desired to better understand the unique challenges and needs of their end customers — the seniors who ate the meals and the loved ones who cared for them. Spinutech identified and interviewed both audiences and performed demographic research to compile personas. The newfound knowledge guided the content, paid media, and social media strategies to better connect with their target audiences.

Mom's Meals