Market Research

Market research guides your digital strategy with a better understanding of what consumers want and how they want it.

Market research informs data-driven strategies.

We don’t make recommendations based off of hunches. We utilize data and research to tell us what to do. Market research is information gathered about consumers or industries that is analyzed to provide a deeper understanding of what that group of people wants or needs.

Primary Data Collection

Primary data is first-hand data that is exclusive to your brand. We pull this kind of information from your existing website and ad accounts through platforms like Google Ads and Google Analytics. By looking at data from your digital marketing campaigns and website, we gather insight into how consumers are behaving and what they want, so we can make informed, fact-based recommendations to you.

Secondary Data Research

Secondary data is data that is pre-existing and widely available, including whitepapers, case studies, industry news, and other public reports. It can provide a fuller picture of the competitive landscape and help give your business an advantage. Our team tracks down relevant industry resources and combines it with keyword research and search trends to better inform your strategy.

Leveraging the Data

Once we’ve gathered primary and secondary market research, we share the information with you and put that data to use. Whether we’re building audience segments and customer personas or updating our targeting for your paid search and social media tactics, we make sure that your dollars are spent on the digital marketing efforts that will maximize your budget and meet your business objectives.