Marketing Automation

Marketing automation delivers the right content at the right time, helping turn leads and prospects into customers.

Confidently and automatically communicate with consumers.

A marketing automation campaign can save you time and money, but the success of a campaign depends on how it is managed. From conception to execution and beyond, our strategists help plan and track the important details. With our powerful marketing automation platform, we schedule emails, manage your subscriber list, and keep tabs on campaign metrics.

Campaign Planning

To get to the automated part of marketing automation, you first have to have sufficient planning. We’ll work with you to establish the basics, like content, lists and contacts, and overall strategy development. We'll also be sure to take a good hard look at your data, because marketing automation is only as good as the backend data that drives it.


To ensure your subscribers are receiving content that is relevant to them, customer lists need to be compliant and up to date. With CAN-SPAM and GDPR laws, there are many things to consider to make sure you are in compliance when using email marketing techniques. Fully automating list management ensures your unsubscribes are managed and your new subscribers get the content they desire.

Nurture Campaigns

We know that prospects don’t always “convert” on their first visit to a website or on the first interaction with a brand. Marketing automation offers a way to stay in front of these prospects over a period of time and send them messaging that will help drive them down the purchase funnel. We use audience segmentation, lead scoring, and website engagement triggers to make sure that we are delivering the right content to the right audience.

Segmentation & Lists

Leverage data to reach your audience in a highly targeted way. We help you create segments and lists based on user behavior and preferences to identify customers with similar interests and intents. Segmenting your subscribers into different lists means you end up sending the most relevant information to the appropriate leads.

Lead Scoring

The message you send to a brand new lead should be different than the message you send to a lead with whom you’ve established familiarity. That’s where lead scoring comes in. Lead scoring uses data to identify where potential customers fall in the sales funnel. We establish a system for scoring your leads so you can build lists with communications tailored to interested individuals in all areas of your funnel.

Tracking & Analysis

We understand that data can make or break a marketing automation campaign, so our team works closely with you to ensure your customer data is accurately synced with your marketing automation. Our strategists implement correct tracking to capture new consumer data from your campaigns and break down your subscriber lists into smaller groups so you can send hyper-relevant messages. Using the data captured through tracking, we create insightful reports and dashboards that we use to constantly improve your marketing automation campaigns.

Mobile & SMS Marketing

Marketing automation extends beyond the email inbox. With the prevalence of smartphones in our daily lives, mobile marketing offers an opportunity to connect with consumers anywhere, any time. Working with strategic partners, we help plan and create content for your automated mobile marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation Drives Big Results

Mom’s Meals NourishCare, Ankeny, Iowa

Mom’s Meals NourishCare, a national leader in fully prepared home meal delivery for seniors and those with chronic conditions, already had a foothold in the industry but was looking for a way to reach and educate new customers and drive additional sales within the private pay audience segment. To accomplish these objectives, Spinutech created a series of marketing automation campaigns based on audience lists of user-identified interests. After three months these emails had a 39 percent open rate and a 4.7 percent conversion rate, and Mom’s Meals saw an increase in new orders.

Marketing Automation example