CRM & Campaign Management

In the age of Big Data, there's nothing more important than what's inside your CRM software. A quality customer database unlocks limitless digital marketing opportunities.

CRMs can do much more than track contacts and customer service.

Many businesses use customer relationship management platforms to input information on leads and opportunities. A centrally-located system with accurate data is important to both sales and marketing. Yet most companies that invest in their CRMs fail to maximize the potential of their systems.

With a CRM, you’re sitting on a wealth of data about the most important people in the world — your current and likely customers. When combined with your other digital marketing efforts and analytics, you can see the who, what, when, where, and how of customer engagement. With that knowledge, you can deliver more targeted messaging to the right people at the time they need it and drive more profitable results.

Customer and Email Segmentation

Pairing your CRM with an email marketing program allows you to personalize messaging or entire email marketing campaigns. You can quickly connect with hot leads who engaged with your website or revive cold leads with timely and relevant content that re-engages them. We slice and dice your CRM database to create custom lists to align your email strategy with the different segments of customers.

Personalized Marketing

The inbox is a protected place. Junk is removed by spam filters and irrelevant messaging is deleted by human filters. It takes a lot more than a first name to break through these barriers. The data in your CRM is critical to creating personalized content that speaks to each customer individually and engages them with the messages that mean the most to them. Our strategists analyze data from your CRM, analytics, and other data sets to identify key insights that can be used to deliver the most relevant content to each customer.

Database Management

The right CRM, email marketing platform, and marketing automation software doesn’t always come in the same package. But you need the systems to work together to keep your customer data accurate and your marketing efforts efficient. We work with a variety of CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce, making sure data ties into all the places you need it in order to run your marketing campaigns.