Content Creation

Content should be created for people first. But it helps to understand how the algorithms see it, so your content reaches and engages the widest audience.

Our content engages both humans and bots.

Search engine, social, and advertising algorithms are getting smarter — and more human-like. If your audience isn’t engaging, they take notice. And the ways you’re seen across all your digital marketing efforts — search rankings, social reach, and ad placements — all take a hit.

So there’s a lot weighing on your content. Where other content creation agencies lean on brainstorming, we rely on data-driven insights make sure every piece meets an audience need, achieves a business goal, takes advantage of an opportunity, and differentiates your brand. Depending on your business goals and the audience’s needs, we’ll create the right content to get the best results:

  • Headlines that attract people to your site and help you climb the rankings
  • Core site content that informs visitors of your brand and converts them into customers
  • Social posts that engage your fans and expand your reach
  • Ad copy and emails that drive clicks
  • Landing pages that lead to action and conversion
  • Articles, white papers, and case studies that establish your thought leadership
  • Images that fit their channels and your style guidelines
  • Videos and stories that showcase your customers and brand

Since content is expected to do a little of everything, we do a little of everything.

Website Content

Your website is the hub of your digital marketing presence. It must be strategically targeted to your audience and optimized for search. Following SEO and web-writing best practices, we create your core website content and all the other pieces that draw your audience in: articles, landing pages, email newsletters, testimonials, brand stories, white papers, and case studies.

Ad Copy

On the web, most marketing channels deal in characters, not words. Spinutech’s team of copywriters make every character count, crafting ad copy that engages your audience and drives them to action — without sacrificing your brand and voice. We take the same conversion-focused, creative approach to copy for your headlines and metadata as we do your social posts and paid media ads.

Video Content

We wouldn’t recommend forgoing good old words and images in favor of videos any time soon. But video content must be a focus of your website and digital marketing presence. We provide strategic direction following best practices and create videos for their specific purposes and channels to help you stretch your digital dollars.

Answering Health Questions Wherever the Patient Is

The Iowa Clinic, West Des Moines, Iowa

Fresh off a new website, The Iowa Clinic needed health articles to bring in traffic and educate the community across all their digital channels. Through keyword research and collaboration with their providers, Spinutech created relevant, localized content that saw a 180 percent increase in article traffic in just the first six months. We stripped away the medical jargon and developed a fun yet informative voice to match The Iowa Clinic's brand, boosting engagement with their health content and on social media.

The Iowa Clinic Articles