2019 Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

2019 Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet

Published by Spinutech on February 2, 2019

A strong social media presence for your business, brand or personal profiles is crucial. From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even YouTube, it’s so important to optimize your images on the variety of social media platforms. Each platform has different sizing, which means using the same image for each platform can create pixelated, shrunken or stretched displays for the user.

Optimizing with the right image sizes can make you stand out from the crowd. From Twitter and Pinterest to Instagram and Facebook image sizes, we have the complete guide right here in one clear infographic!

We recommend printing the image below to hang by your desk and sending to every graphic designer or marketing team member you know. This may be in the top five common questions a designer will ask.

2019 social media cheat sheet