Farewell to Karla

Farewell to Karla

Published by Spinutech on December 28, 2018

bye karla

Karla [kahr-luh]

  1. the glue that holds us together

For 13 years, Karla Kramer has been that friendly Spinutech voice on the other end of the line and the smiling face you see when walking into our Cedar Falls office. She wears the hats of "Office Manager" and "Payroll Superhero" and "Christmas Elf" (plus about 20 others depending on the day). She is all of those things when we need her to be, and yet, still she is more.

Karla is the one you can talk to about anything, truly anything. Want to talk about your kids? She’s ALL ears. Football or hockey? Heck yes. Vacation? Cars? Work? Life? Check, check, check and check. She listens silently when we need her to and offers advice when we need to hear it. She cries with us in the sad times and celebrates our success just the same.

Karla has seen it all (and probably more than she wanted to in some cases). She has, quite literally, watched Marc, Cory and Adam grow up. She has watched them grow the Spinutech family, their own families, and into the leaders they are for us today. She has cuddled our babies, checked up on our husbands wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents and grandparents. To some of us, she has been a second mom.

Karla is patient, and fun, and kind, and fierce. But this is not her eulogy. This is NOT goodbye.

2018 may be her last year as an official Spinutech team member but she will always be our family. And as family, we must push the sadness aside and share in the excitement and happiness retirement will bring. There is no doubt that Karla will enjoy retirement to the fullest and fill her days doing all of the things she loves.

So to Karla...
We hope you still pop into the office to say hello while cruising around town with Jimmy. We hope you check in on a regular basis to let us know which store has the best price on pop and snacks. We hope you call when you’re going to be eating lunch at Pablos in Cedar Falls and call when you’re in Des Moines for baseball tournaments. But most of all, we hope you know just how much you are going to be missed, and understand how much we appreciate all that you have meant to us for the last 13 years. We love you, Karla!