A seamless user experience (UX) and engaging user interface (UI) are important components of a successful website.

Websites designed with a user-first approach.

UX and UI work closely together. UI refers to the design — colors, images, buttons, and other visual elements of a web page that a user interacts with. UX refers to that user’s experience as they navigate your website. Both are top-of-mind considerations when we design websites. Our design team works closely with you, as well as our strategy and development teams, to ensure your website provides optimal benefits to your user and your business.

Design Research

Design research is the starting point for all of our UX and UI designs. We start with a kickoff meeting with you, where we take the time to learn about your company — your goals, your pain points, and your competitors. We conduct further audits, interviews, or tests as needed to fully understand user behavior and ensure the design of your site aligns with your goals.

User Experience Design

Spinutech takes a collaborative approach amongst designers and digital strategists for UX. Our main priority is connecting your business goals with the needs of your users. We consider every aspect of your website — like how the taxonomy is structured, what kind of content resonates, and what pages provide the most value — all through the lens of data. Then we create outlines, wireframes, and prototypes to share with you and get your feedback every step of the way.

User Interface Design

When it comes to the look and feel of your website, we consider elements like color schemes and design styles, as well as responsive design, ensuring your website translates and scales appropriately across devices. We use CSS and Javascript to add interactivity and subtle animations to make your site more engaging. During the design phase, we create interactive prototypes so you can see everything in action and get a clear picture of your site’s front-end design .