Bertch has been reviving the cherished art of traditional cabinetmaking for over 30 years. Family owned and operated, all products reflect a commitment to reforestation, recycling, and general respect for the environment.

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Improved Usability

Bertch has hundreds of products associated with cabinets. Spinutech worked with Bertch to design a site that would be simple, clean, and organized.

Expanded Catalog Size

The old website had a limited product line. Spinutech worked with Bertch to get all their cabinet styles online. Customers can now search by cabinet door style and see all of the accessories.

Inspiration for Buyers

Bertch wanted to create a section that would inspire potential buyers. We designed an "inspiration" page that allows people to view a photo gallery of their beautiful products in action.

Simplified Navigation

A goal of the redesign was to simplify the navigation so everything could fit within a compact black bar at the top of the page. Main product categories are shown above the fold for easy access. 


Filters and Sorting

Filters and sorting options were added to allow customers to find what they are looking for. On mobile, the same options are available in a slide-out side drawer. 

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Targeted Content Strategy

In order to create highly-relevant and engaging content that educates consumers, relevant, targeted topics are prepared based on seasonality, industry trends, and user interest.

Tips and Advice

Paid Advertising Conquests

To improve brand awareness among consumers in the research phase of remodeling or building a home, Spinutech used conquesting tactics so Bertch would show up when consumers were researching other brands. Showcasing how Bertch differentiates itself from its competitors motivated consumers to find a local Bertch dealer or showroom.

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