SEO Analytics & Insights

We believe in a data-driven approach to digital strategy and search engine optimization. We use the latest industry tools to assess how your site stacks up against best practices.

Data is still king.

A data-driven SEO strategy is increasingly important for everyday business, from Fortune 500 companies to your local pet groomer. The foundation for any great SEO strategy is built from extensive data analysis and insights into the ever-changing search engine landscape. We identify the challenges and opportunities your website or online business face.

Our strategists all have extensive experience in developing SEO strategies and dedicate ourselves to understanding the ever-changing search industry through a data-based lens. Across all of our SEO services, we show you our research to help underscore our recommendations and highlight areas of opportunity.

Reporting and Monitoring

Many SEO strategists will give you the bare minimum in reporting metrics, but we give you the full story of your site to show you how it is performing. Our strategists report on both month-over-month (MoM) and year-over-year (YoY) traffic to understand how seasonal trends may affect your site and identify any growth or loss your site has experienced. This regular analysis allows us to keep your site in tip-top shape.

Onsite Engagement and Optimization

We pay close attention to Google’s ranking algorithm to ensure users and search engines alike are getting the most out of your site. We make sure your site is mobile-friendly for easy accessibility, study engagement metrics to see how users are interacting with your site, and we heatmap and record user sessions to find key SEO and user experience improvements. This type of all-encompassing monitoring helps improve the overall UX, maximize the conversion of users, and increase your site’s ability to rank for your business-critical keywords.

Search Engine Rankings

Rankings are the gold standard of SEO reporting, and you want to be sure your site is ranking for your business-critical keywords. We gather insights from industry-leading tools to track your website’s most important keywords, whether global short-tail terms you’d like to own or hyper-local long-tail terms that drive your local business. This type of in-depth keyword tracking shows where you sit within the search landscape and provides insights into new areas of opportunity. Paired with competitive data, these search ranking insights help prioritize the efforts that will yield the highest reward in search visibility.

Local SEO Tracking

When it comes to local markets, we use a local SEO strategy to ensure you’re surfacing for that target location. In addition to tracking local rankings by market, our SEO strategists can track the performance of Google My Business (GMB) profiles. We pull data from GMB to improve your location’s ability to appear in local search results and improve user engagement by analyzing what landing page is best to send traffic to after a conversion on GMB. 

Organic Conversion Reporting  

Many SEO campaigns are measured by their ability to generate organic conversions and improve the conversion rate of your site. This is why pulling insights from organic conversions will help to improve your site’s ability to convert. Our SEO strategists analyze how and why a user converted on a page to see if there is an opportunity for optimization.

Technical SEO Monitoring

We take a unique methodology when it comes to technical SEO. Rather than the traditional “set it and forget it” approach that many agencies adopt, we are both proactive and reactive, making sure the technical SEO aspects of your site are well within best practices. We consistently monitor Google Search Console, run crawls of your site, and observe the speed at which your pages load. These factors are important to maintaining your site functionality and affect your ability to be indexed and ranked in search engines.

Custom SEO Dashboards

Our custom SEO dashboards are a unique offering that set us apart from other agencies. We’ll build a dashboard that contains exactly what you want to see — the data that supports your key goals and KPIs. Dashboards provide a level of transparency so you can see the truth in the data. A custom dashboard gives you access to critical data whenever you need it, providing peace of mind in the ability to see the numbers for yourselves as each day.