Remarketing allows you to reconnect with users who have visited your site before to keep your brand top-of-mind.

Move consumers down the funnel with remarketing.

With remarketing, also called retargeting, you can broadly serve ads to all users who have visited your site in the past, or even specifically target the users who failed to complete a desired action, like those who abandoned a shopping cart or left without filling out a form. Users in the consideration phase might have visited your site to learn more but didn’t follow through on a desired action because they aren’t ready to take the next step yet. With retargeting efforts, you can keep your product or service in front of them during this phase so that when the time comes to make a decision, your brand is top-of-mind.

Tailored Calls to Action

An effective call to action (CTA) helps convert or move users down the funnel. Our paid media strategists utilize data and user information collected during a site visit to identify where users might be falling off. Based on this information and the specific actions you’d like users to take,  we’ll help you better tailor your CTAs to engage these users.

Dynamic Retargeting

Have you ever been looking at an item online and then shortly after seen an ad for that exact item show up on your favorite websites? That’s dynamic retargeting. With dynamic retargeting, specific products or services that users have viewed on your website are inserted into an ad, allowing you to tailor the message to each user in a highly relevant way. Our strategists can create ads that retarget all site users or create a threshold that allows you to only retarget users within a particular range, like those who have viewed products that cost more than $100, so you only pay for ads with a higher chance of profit margin.

Lookalike Audiences

Based on your current remarketing list, we can create similar or lookalike audiences as a way to expand your reach. By serving ads to users who share similar characteristics to your actual remarketing list audience, you are able to target highly relevant prospective customers even if they have not been to your site yet.

Remarketing CPA Reduced 34.4% 

Pella Windows and Doors, Pella, IA

While other audience types are effective drivers for building brand awareness and getting new users on site, remarketing is often the most effective means of driving low-funnel conversion actions. By maximizing remarketing list impressions for Pella, Spinutech was able to reduce overall CPA for the promotional run and garner an increase in direct conversion rate as compared to assisted conversions period-over-period.

TriGreen Equipment