App Development

Make it easier for users to connect and engage with your brand through a simple-to-use app.

We design apps for a richer user experience.

Apps are a great solution for objective-oriented processes. We develop mobile apps and APIs with ease of use and efficiency in mind. We start with a thorough understanding of both your goals and the goals of your users and then create solutions that make each user’s job easier, faster, or better.  

Our development team supports the building of both native and mobile apps. We’ll talk through your objectives and help you decide which option is a better solution for your goals.

Responsive Mobile Apps

Today's websites, when implemented correctly, are easily accessed on mobile devices and are nearly as capable as a native iPhone or Android application. Mobile apps, also called responsive apps, are mobile-friendly websites that respond appropriately to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. They are typically less expensive to implement, easier to maintain, and are accessible by a larger audience. These days, every website we build has this capability built in as responsive web design has become an industry standard.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

One advantage of mobile apps is that they provide the experience of a native app without the user downloading an app from the app store. PWAs are mobile apps with added benefits, including global accessibility, ease of integration with external services, and rapid deployment. We build complex web-based applications to support internal client operations and business processes.

Native Apps

Native apps have some advantages over a mobile website, especially when there is a need to access information offline or leverage some native functionality of a device, like GPS. For native apps, our team builds out the API (the backend structure of your app) and works with strategic partners to integrate that API into a fully functioning native app.