Intranets, Extranets & Portals

Private websites targeting a specific audience and secured via login make it easy for employees and business partners to securely access information.

Connections that streamline your business.

Intranets, extranets, and portals improve internal communication and ensure that your employees have access to the most current information enabling them to do their jobs securely and efficiently. We’ve built intranets and extranets for small businesses and multi-billion dollar corporations alike. Whether you want a secure section of your website for employee news and updates, or an entirely secure site for internal operations, our team will create a custom solution for your organization.


An intranet is a private website intended for a company’s internal use and is typically subject to high security and privacy concerns. For this reason, a login is required to access an intranet. Our web development team can create groups with different levels of intranet access and implement custom integrations with third-party systems and single sign-on (SSO) to help keep your company information secure.


A portal is an intranet that acts as the access point for sites, applications, or programs that live outside of the intranet. As cloud hosting becomes the norm and companies seek to streamline employee efficiency through interconnected programs, portals are becoming increasingly synonymous with intranets. We customize portals to suit the needs of your company, with features like message boards, document sharing, custom web applications, or SSO integrations with third-party systems.


An extranet, like an intranet, is a private website that contains business-related information that can only be accessed with a login, but it might be intended for customers, vendors, or other partners outside of the company. Extranets might be subject to heightened security concerns since they are often accessible from outside of an organization’s firewall. At Spinutech, we understand security well and are serious about protecting your sensitive information. We’ll work with you to understand the business, communication, and security considerations to devise the best extranet solution possible.