Custom Integrations

Custom integrations help bridge the gap between third-party systems and website users.

Simplify business processes with custom integrations.

Custom integrations allow for communication between web pages, applications, and more. Gain operational efficiencies with custom integrations that streamline your workflow or allows users to interact directly with the same systems used by internal staff. Our development team always keeps user experience top of mind and specializes in making user-friendly views of even the most complicated integrations.

System Integrations

We have extensive experience integrating websites with a variety of other technology platforms. Sales tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo are some of the most common system integrations we work with. Whether you want to integrate product data from your enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, share your internal events calendar, or send new lead data to your marketing automation tool, our team will create a seamless solution.

API Integrations

When it comes to API integration, we leverage APIs or data feeds that are known and reliable. Our development team makes sure that your site can operate even if the API or data source is not available for a period of time. We’ve worked with clients on a variety of different API integrations, including using APIs to show refillable prescriptions and loyalty rewards.


Spinternet serves as a framework that can easily be built upon, and our team enjoys putting their years of experience to work crafting unique custom functionalities that meet the specific needs of each client. From interactive mapping tools to online enrollment applications, we create solutions that add additional layers of intelligence to your site to make you more efficient.

Integrated Tool Provides User Benefit

The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Des Moines, Iowa

Spinutech worked with The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to create an interactive mapping tool for their website Iowa by Trail. The tool highlights all of Iowa's trails and allows users to quickly and easily discover trails in their area.

Iowa By Trail