Behind the Scenes - Programming Hy-Vee's Online Pharmacy

Behind the Scenes - Programming Hy-Vee's Online Pharmacy

Published by Spinutech on September 6, 2012

Hy-Vee relies on Spinutech for a number of web related items, but recently approached us with a request to help translate their tremendous in-store Pharmacy success to the online realm. While the front-facing user interface is quite important, behind the scenes a great amount of custom programming powers the entire experience. Follow along as we take a peek into the details you don't normally "see".

Overview - Refill, Status, Transfer

With Hy-Vee Express Refills, it's quick and simple to refill, transfer or check the status of an online prescription. No account login required. Users simply need to provide a small bit of information found on their current prescription label, and follow the onscreen instructions.

The interface is clean and simple, but unbeknownst to the user, the programming behind the scenes is cleverly automated and quite complex.

Behind the Scenes - Express Refills

While specific details can't be revealed, the general concept behind Express Refills follows a relatively simple flow:

  1. The combination of numbers the user enters talks to a database that informs Hy-Vee of the prescription refill request.
  2. The numbers are validated to determine if the information is correct.
    • If incorrect, the user is asked to re-enter the numbers into the form
    • If correct, the numbers are matched with a user record to determine if a prescription refill is valid and available. 
  3. If everything checks out ok, the last step requires the user to simply verify that the information onscreen is correct, and approve the submission of the request.

Behind the Scenes - Express Status

With Express Status, the first two steps remain the same as above, but this time custom programming and a series of calculations helps determine the status of your prescription. A variety of factors including store hours, time of prescription submission, and day of prescription submission are all used to determine:

  • A) if the prescription has been processed
  • B) when it will be ready for pickup

The factors used provide a more accurate time frame versus the traditional come back later approach used by some pharmacies.

Behind the Scenes - Express Transfer

With Express Transfer, custom programing once again relies on information obtained from the user to process their request. This time applicable information is passed directly on to the preferred Hy-Vee pharmacy as indicated by the user. This automated process makes it easy for both the customer, and the Hy-Vee pharmacist to submit and fulfill a request without even picking up the phone.

My Hy-Vee Account

Those users that have a My Hy-Vee account have the added benefit of tracking all their information in one, easy to use interface. Refill requests, status/transfer updates, and more are all located within a familiar account, accessible at anytime. Plus, those with multiple prescriptions or even those that just like the convenience of managing online can look back through their prescription history.

Got a job that seems too complex? In need of some custom programming? Like what you hear? Send us a note, or give us a call...we'd love to hear from you!

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