5 Tips for Designing Page Content

5 Tips for Designing Page Content

Published by Spinutech on October 6, 2015

Here are 5 tips for designing page content on your website. These are things you should consider when designing a new page of content or you want to improve an existing page. Most of these start with reading your content. So, tip number 1 is…

Read the content

Read the contentSeems like a no-brainer but you have to read the content before you design the page. Fail to read the content and you will not design an effective page. Even if the page is about insurance mumbo jumbo, I encourage you to force yourself to read the copy.

Determine the call to action

What action do you want the user to take once they have read the page? Push a button, call a number, jump up and down! Once you determine what the call to action is, then decide the placement and the design. I like to put a call to action within the content column as an aside. By mixing it in with the content, you force the reader to notice it.

Call to Action

Create a visual hierarchy

Analyze your page of content, then use size, color, contrast, shape, and position to create a visual hierarchy.

  • Size: Use larger text (headings) to break-up the space and allow the user to scan the page quickly. If headings aren’t provided, add headings to create a hierarchy.
  • Color: Text that is a different color can be used sparingly to create emphasis.
  • Contrast: Bold text can be used to create contrast
  • Shape: Put some text in a box for a callout or the call to action
  • Position: Use a side column or an aside to emphasize some content or place the call to action

Visual Hierarchy

Add images to make the page interesting

Try to add an image to every page on your website. Kind of a daunting task but it will help your pages look more interesting and be more engaging. Knowing the topic, what images come to mind? Here are some questions I ask myself when considering what images to use:

  • Could an infographic be made to support the copy?
  • Can a chart or bar graph be used for anything?
  • Do I have any icons that could be added to the page?
  • Are there any professional photos available to me? If not, do I need to hire a  professional photographer?
  • Can I take a photo myself? Or can someone else in my organization take it?
  • Last resort… is a stock photo appropriate?

Add Images

Break up the content with embedded columns

Look for opportunities to put content side-by-side. This will help break-up the monotony of a page with just one column of text and make the page more visually interesting. You could have text beside text, text beside an image or text beside a box with text.

Embedded Columns


Do you have pages on your website that need improvement? Using these 5 tips will give your page a solid foundation. At Spinutech, one of our core services is web design, so if you need assistance, contact us today.

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