SHAZAM is a member-owned financial services provider and debit processor. Founded in 1976, SHAZAM delivers choice and flexibility to community financial institutions throughout the U.S.

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Client-First Approach

One of SHAZAM’s goals was to improve user satisfaction for both internal and external customers. We enhanced the user experience through responsive design and easy, intuitive navigation, making it easy for visitors to quickly move through the site and connect with the desired content in fewer clicks.

Reduced Web Maintenance

SHAZAM is now able to maintain their entire site through Spinternet Content Management System. We created a responsive website that scales appropriately to the device it is being viewed on, thus eliminating the need to maintain multiple sites.

Improved Leads & Lead Conversion

We collaborated with SHAZAM to identify high-value products and services and create a strategy to increase and enhance relative content. One part of that strategy was to build a site framework that puts an emphasis on connecting current and potential customers with the information they need in as few clicks as possible.

“Spinutech provided the guidance and expertise we needed in designing and developing our website. We were looking for a partner that had experience and could share industry best practices. We found that partner in Spinutech. They were always responsive to our questions and stayed on course with their project plan. We now have a great website thanks to Spinutech’s partnership.”Cindy Smith, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales Support, SHAZAM

Clients First 

SHAZAM puts clients first. They strive to be the go-to leader in the industry, providing more choice, more flexibility, and more value. As such, it was important to them that the site accurately reflect their business and what they represent. We created a website for SHAZAM that portrays their mission and values at the very first glance.

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Helpful, Noninvasive Product Descriptions

Flip cards on the homepage allow SHAZAM to present their offerings in a clean and simple manner while also providing additional information about each service upon hover.

product cards

Build Confidence and Trust 

Strategically-placed calls-to-action allow SHAZAM to ask for the sale at the points of contact the customer would be most likely to act.

call to action

Testimonials from real SHAZAM clients are integrated throughout the site. This helps build confidence and trust in potential clients.

testimonials and call to action

Quick, Easy Login

SHAZAM maintains numerous online service portals. A clean dropdown menu in the main header allows clients to quickly access their respective portal.

login dropdown

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