My John Deere Dealer is a co-op-driven site for a large majority of John Deere dealers across the US and Canada. During the design process, we worked with a long-time Deere partner, Geometry Global. Our teams worked closely to align on site requirements, design, and branding.

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IP Lookup

When a user visits the site, an IP lookup is performed to show the closest dealer location based on that user's location. This includes the dealer logo and contact information specific to a single location. The user can always change to a preferred location, but this allows for a very personalized experience based on user location. 

Unique Dealer Offers

Each dealer can choose which promotional level they would like to participate in. There are typically three to five unique offers at any given time including financing offers and banner promos that a dealer can choose to participate in.

Google Analytics

We developed a strategy to deliver metrics at the location level and dealer level as well as site-wide. Properly setting this type of tracking allows for a greater understanding of user activity and can be used to make better decisions for promotions, feature changes, and more.

Global Product Listings with Customizable Options

Spinternet gives admin users the ability to build product groups and product pages that can be shared among all dealers, or just some dealers if necessary. This capability also makes for easy updates so product information is always current.


Landing Pages for Paid Ad Traffic

Landing pages can be created and assigned to specific dealers for paid ad traffic. There are several layout options to choose from, which allows for consistency between the ad design and the landing page design. Individual offers can also be tied to promotions landing pages. 

Landing Page
“We couldn't be happier with the process and the product that Spinutech has delivered with The team we worked with exceed expectations at every turn. Not only did the site turn out better than how we envisioned it, but they also built a truly sensational and user-friendly CMS. Throughout the process, the Spinutech team was flexible, always available, and delivered critical insights. We are extremely pleased to have a partnership with Spinutech and we're excited about growing our digital offerings together.”Reed Battin, Corporate Program Manager, Geometry Global